Barbed Wire Manufacturer in Delhi

Barbed Wire, a fencing wire is manufactured with sharp points and edges arranged with strands at intervals. Our Galvanized Barbed Wire is widely used for fencing that protects the railroad, grass land, highway and so on. Galvanized Barbed Wire provided by us is available in various sizes and can be customized as per the demands of the customers. Anti corrosive in nature, non abrasive property and resistant to wear and tear are some of the salient features of our Barbed Wire Fencing . Today, we have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the booming Barbed Wire Manufacturers in Delhi and Barbed Wire Suppliers in Delhi.

We are committed to offer best quality products to our customers. To ensure this, we usually use grades of stainless steel. This is basically the alloy of chromium, nickel, carbon, and other chemical constituents. These constituents on amalgamation provide high tensile strength to the material. We use this material and our products offer high tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, etc..

Features :

  • High tensile strength and Durability
  • Corrosion Resistant and Dimensional Accuracy
  • High quality low carbon steel wire (Galvanized, Plastic coated)

Barbed Wire Manufacturer in Delhi Barbed Wire Supplier in Delhi

Shree Shakti Enterprises are the leading Barbed Wire Manufacturers in Delhi, Barbed Wire Suppliers and Dealers in Delhi. Barbed wire also known as barb wire or bob wire is a type of fencing wire made of steel wire with sharp edges arranged at intervals on the strands. It is used for anti-intrusion by people and animals trying to pass through it. The most commonly used inexpensive type of steel wire fences, simple to construct and quick to erect, even by an unskilled person. The Barbed wire fences still remain the standard security fencing technology for enclosing cattle by farmers. A barbed wire price may vary from High Tensile Barbed Wire to Colour Coated barbed wire or PVC coated barbed wires.

High Tensile Barbed Wire

It is also known as Reverse Twist Barbed Wire which is a wire constructed from a twisted double strand of 1.6mm tensile which are uniformly zinc aluminium coated with extra sharp barbs at regular intervals. The high tensile barbed fence can last 3 times longer than normal barbed wire, It is made from higher carbon steel with Class 3 galvanizing technology. It can be installed using fewer barbed wire fence posts.

PVC Coated Barbed Wires in Delhi

PVC coated barbed wires and strips are galvanized to prevent corrosion and obtain longer durability. These security barb wires are available in a variety of colours like green, blue, yellow, orange, gray. The core of it can be galvanized iron wire or black annealed iron wire. It is a kind of modern security fencing material with high-tensile wire.

Colour Coated Barbed Wire in Delhi

The barbed wires are colour coated to increase longevity, rust resistance and durability. These razor sharp barbed wires can be stretched as a single line or looped and clipped a s required. Shree Shakti Enterprises distributors in Delhi provide these fences with wires coloured, to add a visual marking for boundaries and perimeters as well as adding to its visual appeal. Preferred colours are black and green. These barbed wire on fences colour can be customised as per customer requirement.

Stainless Steel barbed wires

The steel wire fences made of SS 304 grade for long lasting and harsh environment conditions. Ideally suited for coastal areas acidic atmospheric conditions and high security areas.


In Shree Shakti Enterprises, we pay great attention to our quality. With the strict quality control division and employed group, we will supply the most qualified fence products in Delhi.

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